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I wonder how I can include the phone number in the contact form.
Thank you
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
Dear , how can I change the word " read more.. " in other languages ​​?
You have to edit appropriate language file, for example for German it will be:
Please look for the following constants and translate them:


Or you can use Joomla override feature:

Regards, AS Team.
The info you can put/edit in your Joomla admin panel -> Components -> Contacts -> Contact Us page -> Contacts tab.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello again,
this is not what I need, I know how to change my data.
what I need is that customers leave me your phone number on the form.
Now the form has fields for name, email, subject and message, I need to put this in addition to your phone.
Sorry, Joomla default form does not have such option, you have to install and use some extension which will allow you to create custom fields, we can suggest you to try this one:

Regards, AS Team.
tx you! one more little thing ... I installed the quick start but I can not find out which is the module or article shown in the home page that is displayed as "our mission " ... regards!
It is a page heading which can be removed in your joomla admin panel -> menus -> main menu -> home -> page display -> page heading.

Regards, AS Team.
How could modify the text of the form fields? For example, 'full name' rather than just 'name'.
How I can change?
Thanks in advance
Joomla does not have such option.

Regards, AS Team.
That can not be, with other templates I modified the text in the code. I just need to locate it.
I have two questions:
1. Can you send me the source code for the article "our mission"?
2. How do I remove the title of "our mission" from the home page?
I remove the article "our mission" but the title still stands.

Thanks in advance
1. The article and the code you can find in your Joomla admin panel -> Content -> Article Manager page under Home category, the article name is 'Our Mission'.
2. 'Our Mission' is a page heading which can be removed in the Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> Main Menu -> Home -> Page Display -> Page Heading parameter.

Regards, AS Team.
1. I removed the article "Our mission"
Before I change the format and presentation "our mision" was horrible :). And now I do not have html code.
2. Thanks.
The home menu item pointed to the article, you can not just delete it, you have to put instead some yours content.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, there's a reference to the file /templates/as002059/images/bg-li.gif which is missing in the template files. I inspected and it has the same 404. Thanks in advance for your support.
Hi, regarding my previous comment: the missing gif is referenced in the /templates/as002044/css/ext.asmenu.css (background: url('../../as002059/images/bg-li.gif') left top no-repeat;) It seems to be copied from another template?

Perhaps a different issue but related to the same css file: when I enable JCH Optimize Pro with the "Include all extensions" enabled (automatic "average" setting), the main menu is broken, but not on all pages (services and blog are broken examples). Of course I can easily exclude the ext.asmenu.css file, but a fix would be appreciated.

The css file has been updated. You can download latest version from AS Templates account.

Regards, AS Team.
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