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Do you see 'Our Portfolio' category in your article manager? Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.

Ik see our portfolio in the categorie in article manager.
But there isn't any content. And yes i have installed quik start.
Probably by mistake you have removed all articles, please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel for checking this issue. The info please put in the Special info area under your purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Okay, I have post the information.
We can't connect, your server requires authorization.

Regards, AS Team.
You neer joomla login?
We checked your Joomla admin panel, all articles under 'Our Portfolio' category, this category has 5 more categories:
Real Estate

All articles are there, but you deleted all images from 'images/sampledata/as002048/portfolio/', that is a reason why you can see text only without the images. For more info please read Joomla documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
What can I do now?
You may take all images from the quick-start package, or you have to create your images and assign them to each article.

Regards, AS Team.

i have bought this template but cannot pass the installation process (quickinstallation package). on the installation site where it asks me my database he finds my database. But after this it comes an error message ("You have an error in your SQL syntax...), so i cannot finish the installation.

Please help me. i have paid for it.

Is it possible that you install it for me?
I woud give you the whole login datas.

The info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
I have just installed the template, and I am facing several problems:
a) the Logo image can´t be changed via configuration.
b) Template positions are not recognized. I.e. even if all extensions are there they can´t be assigned to the template positions, there is no AS-pos1 or whatever.

I have used the usual procedure to install the template.
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?
The template module position you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
I could fix the pbm, seems there was a conflict with a demo version. Now I can´t find the social menu component, the unit slider revolution, nor the phoca gallery image.
Where can I find these modules?

Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page and it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings. The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The revolution slider comes with quick-start package only.

Regards, AS Team.
I am having a problem with joomla 3.2, I can´t login as admin, can u help? it seems is a known bug.

I am confused, should I install only the quickstart? cause I have installed the as2048_template. What should I do?
I have tried reseting the password in DB. Changing config.php, and following (or trying to) next post.

Sorry, our support team can't help you in this case because it is not related to the template, but you can ask for our services using the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
where can I see which template version I have installed?

And can I load an update everywhere? Would it be reasonable?

Regards Pixi
Hello PIXI1234,
You have template version 2.1.1, you can see it here:
The latest version you can download from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
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