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how can I hide the layout type in front end site in AT Lingerie, please?

Thank you very mutch for your support.
But I have anothere issue:
I have installed Magic Scroll for Hika Shop but now the button cart don't display correctly hre:

How can I fix the issue? Thank you.
sorry if I ask you yet another issue:
the hika shop module don't display in home page in position 7, now, for example, I insered the module "latest product" in debug position but if I change in position-7 don't display.

Here the website:

I can once again have your assistance , please? Thank you very mutch
I solved, thanks :)
sorry for another misalignment in product detail:

How can I move the price and quantity button for alignment?

In the mobile display, the popup image loses proportion!! Can I fix the issue?

Thank you.
sorry but I have another 3 issue:

Question #1:
in details product page like here:
buttons + and - for quantity don't works. Why?

Question #2:
in checkout page like this screen: (to insert one product in the cart for live) the two forms aren't responsive design!!

Question #3:
in address change page customer area like this screen: the edit button don't works. Why?

Sorry for many question but I don't fix by myself.

Thank you for your support. I'm your client with many your templates.
Hello, where I have to put "at_lingerie_joomla_quickstart_package" files folder to see structure demo?

Thank you very much
Thank you, but when I've installed all I can't get into the administration area. Can you tell me why?

Thank you very much
Sorry I've seen where.

Thank you very much

Just bought this theme. Is there a quickstart package?

The zip that is downloaded after purchases contains only some strange .ini files for different languages and a kickstarter.php.

I want to start off working with all the pages and layouts as in the demo. Otherwise, the template does not stand out anymore.
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