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Hi, How could i change something, that i get on the small mobile devices the button BACK TO TOP displayed. At the moment it disappears from a certain changed width. My tamplate is: 002095 I would like to have, like the tamplate: 002077 Thank you for your quick support.
Hello HORNET18,
What is your website url please? Can you please provide us with links to the screenshots.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello HORNET18,
The back to top button disappears in both templates if the resolution of your device is smaller then 767px, disable or enable it you can in the '/templates/as002095/css/media.767.css' file in the following class (line 336):

#back-top {
display: none !important;

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you so much!
Great, it works!!!

1. how do I fix that logo in capital letters are the first 4 'AUTO'
2. how to make a mobile device to display text to the slider, as the full version!
scrinshots: - mobile - full version


1. Please see '/templates/as002095/css/tmpl.default.css' file the following class (line 2220):

#logo h1 span.char_1,
#logo h2 span.char_1,
#logo h3 span.char_1,
#logo h1 span.char_1,
#logo h2 span.char_2,
#logo h3 span.char_2,
#logo h1 span.char_0,
#logo h2 span.char_0,
#logo h3 span.char_0
color: #8aaa22;
font-size: 100px;
font-weight: 800;

2. The caption is disabled for mobile devices because mobile devices do not have enough space for the caption, but you can enable it in the 'templates/as002095/css/sequence.css' file in the following class (line 479):

.sequence-slider > .sequence-canvas li > .info
display: none;

You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Firebug plugin:

For more info please see the following article:

Regards, AS Team.
Good evening
I downloaded the 1.1.0 update.
You tell me how to do the ugrade
Thank you
You have to upload the changed files on your server via FTP, the list of updated files you can find here:

After uploading the files you have to install updated extensions.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I insert a Custom Code (Script) to all Pages in the Site using your template.

I need to save a code for a Zopim Chat (The PlugIn doesn't work, so Zopim ask me to put it manually).

We think you have to put it in the template's index.php file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, where can I find the Layout of this template. I want to see a image with all the positions.

I jown taht using =tp=1 shwo the position, but some of the are overlay and I can identify which position the template has.

Sorry, we do not have it for the template 002095, but very similar you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.
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