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Hello Team,
To understand the template i was looking with Firebug of Mozilla.
Than I found this:
<div id="camera-slideshow" class="camera_wrap" style="display: block; margin-bottom: 16px; height: 279px;">
The slide pictures however are 1600 x 550 px.
How is the value nearly halved?

Dear Team,
I'm working on a website, using template as002032. In position
as-position 6 I use the Articles-Newsflash module. Normally the intro picture in the page of this module is resized. But in this case still remains the orginal size. I can't find the cause.

Regards Gjalt
We are sorry, we are not able to provide support to our free items.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello Team,
I have bought this template with extended license under my first name GJALTSIPKES and used it on my PC and url
Now I use my laptop and use AS002032 here as well. Since my laptop has a different email address, I have on the laptop also used another sign in.
Both times I'm the same person.
So GJALTOSYS is the same like GJALTSIPKES.
We are sorry, please use the username which you purchased this template with, the template license can not be transferable to any other username.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello team,
Although my template service already is over, I have one more question.
does it work also with the joomla release 3.4.?
The slider comes in an endless loop, after a module on position 6 is activated.

regards Gjalt.
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