Thanks for reply, actually I've installed the QuickStart and it looked like the Demo site - right - but the proposal for building my site by modifying, by deleting that hundreds of articles, categories, modules etc. from QuickStart is widely unprofessional. Same as not ***-ing my credentials above (please remove it, to protect my site from attacking).
Then I've installed the QuickStart again, but with unchecking the option to load your sample data - hoping it will help. Then - installed template there - getting error, that folder exist (but template was not visible in extensions menu). So - deleted the folder, installed template, added simple two-item menu and... the nightmare has returned - menu items are below the company logo line (like in the next row).
My conclusion is that there must be something additionally to be configured with the template or Superfish menu module, which you configured in quickstart, but I can not find what... It is very simple case - clean install of Joomla, clean install of your template and extensions, adding one simple menu with one option - why it goes down in the position...?
I am more sad seeing you even didn't login into my site, sad with this kind of support you give...