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I want a hover effekt on the first level of the header row 2, so that this change to color XXXX when I move whith the mouse on the link. Can you tell me where I can do this in the css? In the backend I have set the option, but it works only on level 2.

Hello AS-Team,

it is not possible at my side, that two modules ore articel with dem news-flash-module are displayed on a position adjacent to one another. Changes to the settings of "home" have brought nothing.

I build the page just to local, so I unfortunately can not offer online access to it.

Did you nevertheless have an idea what could be there to?
Hello BEWEB123,

Sorry, we have to see website online, to help you.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS-Team,

I solved the problem. It was because the bootstrap size was set to 0.
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