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The old one will be your backup, if everything will work fine you can delete it.
Yes the template you can find on your server in the 'templates' folder.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, so I rename the zip file ( to as002035 and must I change the permissions to match the original?

I have a 'templates' folder in -


So I presume I do the same to both of them.

How do I know it is updated?I'm usually ok with this stuff but this has me well confused i.e. some of it doesn't make sense.

Kind regards

If everything is working for you it is not necessary to update it.
We just recommended to rename the:
folder to something like:

Then take the premium zip file and upload it in the
folder, unzip it and rename from 'as002035_premium' to '002035'

Regards, AS Team.
Sorted, renaming a zip file without extracting threw me, getting the exact destination helped alot. I extracted from cpanel after upload through ftp.

Got there in the end.

Kind regards

I have tried uploading my favicon zip file to templates/as002035 with no luck as to it loading on the frontend. Is there a specific location I should do this?Can't find anything in the index.php folder either as to where I should. Looking for how/where I change the favicon basically.

Kind regards
You have to upload favicon.ico not a zip file, the icon you have to upload via FTP in 'templates/as002035' folder on your server.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks, I already found solution..I have two template folders for some reason, so uploaded to the other and it worked.

Kind regards
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