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I wrote to complain my admin can not accessed and I received a response my site is blocked.

Kindly detail me what the meaning of that as I have paid or has the fund not dropped? Then I should have been told I need to wait for the fund to drop. Kindly let me know what the reason and what to do as I have dateline for the website.
Thank you
Following the response for me to edit some css files because of the shadow on the template.

I am not a developer or expert maybe I would have used the free one and build the exact demo. Hence I bought the quickstart.

I can not edit any file. But I think its a bug and the best thing would have been for it to be corrected and a newer version posted for download.
Kindly oblige.
The issue is related to your hosting package, your hosting provider is running some Anti-Malware software, as result some antivirus programs, like Norton antivirus, may block your website.
Our suggestion is to contact your hosting provider and ask to remove the soft from your hosting package.

Regards, AS Team.
Based on your below response how much will it cost to remove the shadow?

The shadow you can remove by editing the existing template css files or by adding your css in the ctyle.custom.css file.
Please see '/templates/as002035/css/tmpl.default.css' file, the following class (line 2211):

#featured-row .container {
background-color: #D3D1D1;
border-radius: 25px;
box-shadow: 0 2px 2px 0 #666666;

You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Firefox Web Development tools
or Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Here you can find some info of using firebug tool:
Do you want to remove all shadows on all pages or in one specific place?

Regards, AS Team.
The shadow on the module whereevre it is displayed. That is I think if the shadow on the module is removed whereever the module is used it will not reflect it again ( I would not know!). Let me say in all pages the shadow starting from box 2 to the end.
Please ask for our customization services here:

Regards, AS Team.
I bought a template for $29 and I will pay min of $30 to remove a bug? Maybe thats how you designed it, that it is not actually a bug. I will hide the module if I can not bear to see such ugly site. Thank you.
It is not a bug, it is design.

Regards, AS Team.
Ok. Thanks
Hi, I am trying out this template for my dads website is it possible for me t change the "Arcom Architecture solutions logo that shows on the top left of the screen ? if it is please tell me how to do this.
Thanks Nige
Regarding the template I purchased and regarding the shadow I wanted removed, I had changed the position of the modules to 5 instead of 6. This has removed the shadow but the bootstrap size of the three modules (which is 4 each) can not fit in so I have to reduce to 3 each. With this there is space, so I had to to introduce another module to make it 4. But the four can not be in a line so I reduced the size of one to 2. But they don't look regular.
How can I make them the same width (4 modules of bootstrap size 3 each or 3 modules of bootstrap size 4 each) to look better?
Dear seller,

Great to be in touch with you.
I am new to the Joomla world.
Last month I bought the template 002035 (author AS Designing) and I have some doubts (if it is possible to answer by this email).
After the installation step, I am familiarizing myself with the characteristics of the tool and the template.
Two initial doubts:
1) the template refers to layout positions (ie. As-position-30). Is there a roadmap, plan or something referencing these positions on the screen?
2) in particular, google maps in the Contacts section does not reflect the address of my company (I already have the Google API key, however I did not find where to change this information)

Maybe I have new doubts with the evolution of the use and I would like to know if this is the right channel for snoring them.

Very grateful for the attention.
1. All the template module positions you can preview here:
2. In case to change the information you have to use System - Google Maps plugin, you can find it in your Joomla admin panel -> Extensions -> Plugins -> look for System - Google Maps plugin.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi people,

Will template AS002035 be made compatible for Joomla 4?


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