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Hi AS Team,

the sub-menu flickers of on Ihre Karriere when the mouse is on the link Karriereformular. Any idea?

Greetings Dakrion
That is because it set as a parent item of 'Ihre Karriere', please check the following article for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry, didn´t get it by now ;-)

i have read the article but in this article is only a description how to create a menu item on the menu item root. But i have to set the parent item to "Ihre Karriere" to make it to an submenu. Basically it works but why does it flicker when i hover the mouse over it?
Sorry, do you mean it changes color from white to gray?

Regards, AS Team.
strange, now everything looks fine. That the color changes from white to gray on mouser hover is ok, that should be this way like in your demo.
But the black background of the submenu was flickering on mouse hover.
I will have an eye on this and will take an screenvideo if it happens again. At the moment i guess it is an problem with my computer at work.

Thank you! :-)
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