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I have two problems.

The site is here :

This is Basic template with only modified titles translated to french.

Recaptcha is not showing at all when connected as user with special rights. Like modifying an article on the fly.

The Contact Category list is not showing well with the template.

Any help would be appreciated.
How do I solve this problem? "This redirect url is not allowed, you should change the "Dominios permitidos para la redirección de módulo" parameter from the AcyMailing configuration page to "|" to allow it or set it to "all" to allow all urls"
Hello TUCHI63,
This redirect url is not allowed error message you can fix on AcyMailing component configuration page under Subscription tab in the Redirections panel, please see 'Allowed domains for the redirection via the module' parameter, you have to set it to 'all'

Regards, AS Team.
hi I could change colour the wallpaper of template?
We are sorry, your license for our support is expired, you may extend it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I bought the template 002037 to update my website with joomla 2.5. How I have to update it?
First update the template or update joomla? And how are the steps.
There are a lot of changes done since Joomla 2.5, before starting the update please perform your full website backup.
For Joomla upgrade please refer to Joomla documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
site is /, I mean it will be if I ever can install it.
Uploaded kuickstart, run it ... but it does nconnect to MySQL at all ... where can I find the problem? Logs? MySQL is working fine, I can look at it with Phpadmin ... database exists, user/password, all seems to be okay, It returns a message saying çonnection returned number'...
Can you install default Joomla package from website? The logs you can check only on your server, please ask your hosting provider where to find them.

Regards, AS Team.
Hey I made it work! I had to override the recommendation of using local host for the database, and actually look into phpadmin to find the hostname, which BTW it changes for each database .
So quickstart worked like a charm. I installed with the sample data.
However ...
The home page shows perfectly, but none of the links work! I get a blank screen with only this message: 'no input file specified'

I answered the website name as as2037 (not /as2037, or /as2037/) not sure that will make any difference but before I try I thought I could ask.

Never mind... Found the solution:

"The first step should be login to back-end and check the
Global configuration -> SEO Settings. Switch off Search Friendly URLs. Now all menu links should work fine."

It is working now!

There are a few more comments on this page, but I am not sure if I need them or not. :-)

Thanks guys! I still like your templates.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I wanted to update the "Unite Slider" for my purchased template 002037, unfortunately the following error message appears: "Error while updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_."
Best regards
For checking this issue we need an access to your Joomla admin panel please. The access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
How in the world can I modify the links under "WE ARE OFFERING"
Hello CARLJ315,
You can do it by editing 'Special Services Menu' in Joomla menu manager.

Regards, AS Team.
The link provided only discusses menus in general.
The Special Services Menu is multi-layered and very complicated. I need detail instruction on how to modify menu links under "WE ARE OFFERING".
Hello CARLJ315,
Can you please let us know what exactly you need to modify.

Regards, AS Team.
I've sorta figured it out now

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