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I had just download the template and have the following problem - in my version the mainmenu in position 1 don`t look like the demo version, i get only one row down over the pictures...where can I change it? I dont find any possibility to change the width of the menu? or whats wrong?

Thanks B. Liegl
Our suggestion is install Joomla using the quick-start package, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS templates,

I use Joomla since years and there are a lot of modules and plugins... if I would install it complet new all the other things would be destroyed or not ?

If you will install just a template - nothing will be destroyed, if you will install joomla using the quick-start installation package in the same folder, in the same database and you will use the same prefix - yes, in this case it will be destroyed.

Regards,m AS Team.

than once more. I installed the template 2042 and every extention in the folder. If I want a horizontal menu in position 1 it doesn´t funktion. My menu appear in one vertikal row. AS Accordion Menu is aktiv. I tried to chnage this in any way, but I canot find out, where is my mistake?

Can you help me please ?
Thanks B.Liegl
We have to see this issue, please provide us with your site URL.

Regards, AS TEam.

In the moment I have activatet the template only for one site - > "home".

Thanks for help.
Lg Barbara Liegl
You can't put the accordion menu to the main menu, the accordion menu was originally designed as vertical menu, please see the accordion menu demo preview on the following page:

Please see the following article regarding how to work with Joomla menu modules:

Regards, AS Team.

I´m sorry cause I had the similar problems weeks the meentime there destroied a component my website and now I have to restore everything... I try to put a Accordion Menu horizontal on position-1 with ARI Extend Menu or Menu Accordion CK but nothing will run.. It shows no submenus and I can`t destroy the yellow buttons.. now I tried it 2 days and don`t know what to change anymore - Can you help me?
Thanks a Lot !
MfG Barbara
We are sorry, we are not able to provide support for third-party extensions, you have contact the extension developer or ask for our services, thank You for understanding.

Regards, AS Team.
I now tried it another day - now with the official menu of your side and it doesn`t work... I didn`t find the mistake .. could you please help me - meanwhile I get crasy...
Greetings B. Liegl
Our suggestion is completely reinstall the template using the quick-start package, we see you made a lot of changes, we are not able to provide a free support in this case, sorry and thank you for understanding.

Regards, AS Team.
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