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Good afternoon,
I've got regular license for template AS002048.
URL of web-site:
Template is great, but I still can't solve some problems with view of content.
Hope you can help.

1st. all the pages looks great in Google Chrome and Opera, but they are awful in InternetExplorer. I check sizes of all images, their proportions, frames... everything. But it doesn't help. What can be the problem?

2nd. I can't put settings for mobile devices view web-site correct: slider is not seen at all, all the frames and images are of different sizes and on different places. It seems I've seen some comments for mobile's problems, but didn't find if they had been solved. Could you please help to set correct settings to use web-site corect through mobile devices.

Thank you
Can you please let us know on which pages we can see the problem with images? What IE version do you have?
Regarding the slider, it is disabled on mobile devices, our demo preview is not showing it as well:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS TEMPLATES team,
I check web-site at IE: v.11.0.9600.17358
URL-address (for example):

Reg. the slider: how can I enable it? Buy the way the slider is also don't work at IE.

It looks like you have some conflict between jQueery or installed plugins/extensions, so the slider you can enable by editing media.767.css file by deleting the following class:

#slider-row {
display: none;

Regards, AS Team.
767.css file I add with the class for experiment two days ago and delete it after check slider is not shown.
In any way it doesn't help to solve both the problems: view in IE and mobile vision. Do you have any solution for these problems?

Checked your site, it is working fine in IE, we think you have to clear cache in your browser. Regarding mobile devices, yes, it is disabled and you can see it on our demo preview page as well:

Regards, AS Team.
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