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I have a pre-existing site. I purchased this template assuming there would be some basic instructions to get the ultra nifty features working.

Obviously, I can not just install the quickstart package.

I managed to install the template, and all 7 extensions - the "mod_articles_single" extension had an error in the xml but that was easily corrected.

I've used some guesswork to figure out which extensions get assigned to which positions. However, I am at a loss as to what to do next to configure it to look like the beautiful template on this site.

My thanks for your help, in advance.

In mod_articles_single, the file 'mod_articles_single.xml' needed the filepath in the languages section to be changed from "language" to "languages"
We are sorry but there is only one way to preview all settings - install the quick start package. In your case you may install it in some demo folder.

Regards, AS Team.
I must put forward my dissapointment. You have a very nice template here; however, your constant cry of "use the quick-start on a demo server" leaves much to be desired.

I did use the technique you suggested. I would rather have seen a crib sheet or other technical explanation.
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