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I personally didn't remove the banners, only wrote it that way because I didn't think I had to explain. However, this is only my 2nd Website design & I am still learning; I asked someone who said they knew Joomla for assistance & they turned it off & made some other errors & I'm afraid to allow them to touch the site again..having said that, if I had known how or where those banners were that were turned off, I would never have asked the question & I find your half answer to be very short & somewhat condescending...
As we told you in our previous post just please check how it is done on other pages and recreate or copy and save for pages where they were removed.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I've sent this question previously & didn't get an adequate response. there seems to be a glitch in the ASMenu's on my site for the WC Community, Ralph Sampson, Contact pages, the banners were not deleted as perviously thought & for some reason are not showing up, can you please advise?

Just checked your site, we don't see any problems with the AS Menu, it works fine.
regarding the banners, if they were not deleted, what is the status of the banners, probably you have just 'publish' them in the Joomla admin panel Module Manager?

Regards, AS Team.

We paid to have you upload the template to our site but in doing so you did not change the favicon & you also changed the footer copyright & made it all caps & I am unable to change it nor can I add "all rights reserved", please advise.

If you have asked for any of our services please contact us via email using the original email with our conversations so we will be able to see all your requests.

Regards, AS Team.
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