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the reduction of the menu row does not work with URL rewriting and sh404sef in the main page only in the submenu. How can I change this?

In addition: The Website only work proper under instead of

Admin Access and URL are ready for you in my AS-Account.
We are sorry, not quite understand the problem, can you please provide us with more info.

Regards, AS Team.
On there is no content shown. The whole website is unser
But all this should be under only.

And the other thing: If i scroll down, the menü will get smaller. But this does only work on (where is no content) and not under (where is the whole website).
Here a screen to show you what i mean by "the menü gets smaller":

Hope you understand my bad english :D
Our suggestion is to reinstall the template using quick0start installation package, we found that you deleted some content and changed menu items, as result you home page does not have any content.

Regards, AS Team.
I did try with a new installation (quickstart package). But every time i use url-rewrite it does not work anymore with the menü getting smaller by scrolling down.
We will be able to check this issue and try to find the solution only after you will reinstall this template using quick-start installation package, please do not make any changes after you will reinstall it.

Regards, AS Team.
Fresh installation is ready.

By the way: Many thanks for patience and help.
Please check your site, everything should work fine now, there was wrong url in the menu item it should be '#featured-row' instead 'index.php#featured-row'.

Regards, AS Team.
Many thanks, i found a cause too: sh404sef.
But without this plugin it works fine.
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