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Hi, problem with the menu "fernwartung" on chrome can`t start the download. see here

we buyed the newest version 1.9.0 and we have the version 1.5.0 on the website. But the update isn`t possible. get the warning: a other template use the order /web/web10358/web/cms/templates/as002070

Hoe we can update the template ?
Unfortunately Joomla does not have an option for updating templates, it should be done manually by uploading updated files on your server via FTP, the list of updated files you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Okay thanks updated the template now i have the 1.9.0, but the problem with the chrome browser: the download will not be startet on the last menu point "Fernwartung" on the website,
isn`t solved.

What is the solution ? BR Hons

We checked your website, the "fernwartung" menu item is working just fine, but because it points to '.exe' file it could be blocked by your or your client antivirus or browser.

Regards, AS Team.
Is there a file that shows the template positions? For example, want to place the menu at the top right.

What is the large, rotating picture called and how to enable?
Check this one:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I am trying to use this template to study in making websites using Joomla 3.9. While making the menu, I noticed that it does not look like what it is supposed to look like in the demo and preview. I have also used the same settings your configuration shows. Am I supposed to add another CSS class or is there another setting that I should be aware of?
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