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The icon for carousel you have to change in an appropriate article please see under Images and Links tab Caption parameter, for example you can set it to "fa fa-university"
In the article the icon can be changed by editing article source code, as an example please look for the following code and change "fa fa-university"
<div class="services-ico fa fa-university"><img src="images/sampledata/asimages/blank.gif" alt="" /></div>

Regards, AS Team.
Found and changed it, thank you so much. I spend hours to search for this little issue, working as expected now.
menu is not working on mobile mode.
I choose this template because main page is like one page website. But at the mobile mode menu is not working...
What is your website url please? Did you make any changes or updates?
The menu is working just fine on our demo preview page:

Regards, AS Team.
I see that there is no slide effect. After clicking menu item home page was sliding to the correct position. Now menu item goes to the sub-page.

1) Can I show the achievements module as the number and not a percentage? I would like to show the number of build houses, renovated houses and etc... the percentage doesn't make too much sense?

2) I don't know what did I push, but the BLOG / ARTICLE view changed in NAVIGATION = SERVICES

I would like to have it like on your template, but now it looks very strange, it's in a table? Please check the link:

Thank you in advance
Hello GOLUB123,
1. The percentage simbol you can delete in the "\templates\as002070\html\mod_as_articles_newsflash\_achievements.php" file, see line 54.
2. It seems you changed you blog menu item parameters, you have to set them exactly like in the template quicksart demo package.

Regards, AS Team.
I would like my module "dj-image-slider" to be just next to my menu (no space between them) but I don't find how.
The module position for my menu is the "main menu" position and for the slider: "top content" position.
Can you explain me how to reduce the space?
How to use the "slider" position because while using it, it's going on the right of my logo... :-)

And if you are in a really good mood today, maybe you can tell me how to reduce the size of my logo on my site? Should I change it on the image dimension before downloading it?

Thank you very much
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
but I had to come back to a free version because there was more option on it...??? Like the size of the logo.

So... it was a bit expensive for something I can't use.
Sorry, on you are not using template 002070.

Regards, AS Team.

Here I use it...
How can I do to extend the visibility of the page to the maximum width?

And I don't understand how to change the size of the logo. It was so simple on the free version of your template but here... I didn't find it.

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