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I'm using At spa.

Having troubles to delete the thumbtack and the social buttons in the articels.

Thx for your answer

Thx a lot, it worked.

Site is now online, very good comments :)

Only one problem: i use acymailing too; no problems on desktop or laptops... problems on iphone and smartphone
i assume i could resolve the problem by using the same template on those mobile devices... where can i configure that i always want to use the desktop template

thank you

An other problem are the icons in the homepage. They look like an hyperlink, but i don't find where to put the url?
Hello Agethemes

Yes, ok, but not so good. I think if i use the icon as an image (working with imageholder) i can make a link? Isn't it? In which map can i find the images of the icons?

Meanwhile i resolved the problem with the templates. I let acymailing put the js in the module, not on the page :)

ok :)
thank you!
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