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I get the following error when I activate the AS Articles Newsflash:

Fatal error: Class 'modArticlesNewsAdvHelper' not found in /homepages/.../htdocs/.../modules/mod_as_articles_newsflash/mod_as_articles_newsflash.php on line 23

And no, I can't install your quickstart-package, because I use a preinstalled Joomla-Sevice.

Can you give me a hint, how to fix this problem? It seems that there is a fix in the 2088-template to the same error:

Thanks in advance
Hello THAENY7,
Just checked the extension it is working just fine, please download the latest version and reinstall it.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AsTeam
Thanks for the quick response, but it wasn't successfull.
I just downloaded the template again ( and installed it again in the site (after deinstalling the existing version). But the error persists.

I had a look into the downloaded files and there is obviosuly a packaging error in the module mod_as_articles_newsflash in the extensions.
The main module-file mod_as_articles_newsflash.php referes in line 23 to the following call:
$list = modArticlesNewsAdvHelper::getList($params);
which seems should be defined in the helper.php

But in the helper.php of the same module there is only the class from SequenceSlider defined:
abstract class modASSequenceSliderHelper
public static function getList(&$params)

Can you correct this error in the Zip-file with the templates and the extensions (especially the mod_as_articles_newsflash). Or just post the content of the correct helper.php here so that I can fix that localy here.

Thanks in andvance.


I got the solution from the 2088-Template. I downloded the zip from there and in the extenions-folder was a correct packed Just as a solution for other users here.

Thanks and have a nice day.
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