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It seems as many modules have issues with the language, while installing it. For example:

The module Sequence Slider v2.0.0, included as part of the template package, does not have a language definition in the zip file. As a result, the proper language in the front end is not available and the field labels are not added correctly. This happens for other modules as well.

- mod_as_single_article.v2.0.0
- mod_as_sequence_slider.v2.0.0

Can you please fix those two module packages and reapply them to the free version of this template. Before I buy it, I want to be sure that it fits my purpose.

Thank you for your support
Hi, unfortunately only now that I have published my site do I realize that the "main menu" does not work on some mobile devices, specifically, the menu does not expand on iphone, iOS - Safari browser.
I already upgraded to the "AS Superfish Menu 4.0.1" module but it still doesn't work. I would appreciate your kind support. my site is:
ciga import .it
Thank you
Hello AS team, how can I update the installed template? About the extension manager says with Joomla that the template is already installed. (version 4.1.0 to 4.1.1)

Best regards

You do not need to update template version 4.1.0 to 4.1.1, the update is related to quick-start package.

Regards, AS Team.
Good afternoon,

A couple quick things I hoped to find resolution.

1) The main menu does not work in responsive mode for mobile phones. (I use iphone 13)
2) I have a main menu item "Solutions" that should be a non-clickable Menu Heading only, however you can click on it and it goes to an error 404 page.
3) Is there a way we can set a scalable maximum for the site or at least the home page? Once you hit a width of over 1800 pixels the slider image no longer resizes with the screen.

Our dev site for reference:

Thank you for your help!
Hey AS

The picture of the river that stays fixed as you scroll. V cool. Id like to replace this with a picture of my river, which folder would I upload this into?

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