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I have purchased the premium version. Great job !

I just want to change the background color for the main articles from white to something other. Question: in which CSS and position I find the the possiblity to add the ”background-color syntax” I just looking and trying around and around and can't find it. Please give me a hint.

Best regards,

Probably you will need to change it in the styles.php file.
Any idea where to implement the colors for a [hr] tag ?

Cheers, Manuel
In any of the css files.
How to update the new version ?
when overwriting index.php, params.php and templateDetails.xml via FTP I get the message ”Restricted access”

Regards, Manuel
Looks like you don't have permissions to upload files on the server, you have to change the file mode (CHMOD) to 777, otherwise you will need reinstall the template.
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