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Excuse me would you pass me the code or the configuration for position 20, 21 I have problems with the code on the read more for show an article.

otherwise I have trouble with top menu when I position myself on an item does not show the subitems of this element. Untill I click on it it show them.

Sorry for my badly english

Please answer me
Hello slashboy16,

It is the same like for positions 16-19, please see the following article:

Regarding the menu, please check step 7 from this article:

Regards, AS Team.
MMm yeahp i read the instructions before i write here. I mean when you click on the text ”read more...” this send you to a single article. Whats the code for it???

<a href=”URL”> but it doesnt work as in the sample page

Hello slashboy16,
You have to put a full path to the page.

Regards, AS Team.
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