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Hi AStemplates,

I have a slight problem with this template.

On position 15 when I set it as menu as specified in the how to, a display problem occurred. only on the home. It was fine when I used custom html but when I did the swap into a menu module, it became corrupted and only on the home page. the other pages are fine. Is there an email I can send the site too as its not ready to be published yet?

I've tried deleting the module and its still showing the area without anything loaded in it.

Is there a way to reload the template on joomla without actually having to disassociate the content? That might solve it.

Joomla 2.5
Hi AStemplates,

Problem fixed. forgot to close a <div> in one of the other positions in HOME main page which caused the lower menus to scale.


Most beautiful templates on the web and easy to use at reasonable prices. I still don't know what to do with one template.

Keep up the good work.

J.t. Lim.
Thank You!!!
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