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there are good news?


Unfortunately, it will not work with 3 levels K2 categories, only 2 levels is possible. But it is OK with 3 levels menu. We can refund you the money for the extension, just please provide us with the transaction ID.

Regards, AS Team.

i can just say thank you for the support you gave.

there's no need to refound the money, i will use the extension into another site with only two k2 categories levels.


it's me again... :-)

it's possible increase vertical space between each menu items?

may be something like padding or margin into css?


In any of the css file you can add the following class:

#as_accordionmenu li
line-height: 30px;

Regards, AS Team.

The css class you indicated works very well.

thank you so much.


I installed the menu and it works fine but its appearance is not correct. The list icon and the text of each menu are not aligned. In joomla 2.5 work properly. The problem has come to update the site to joomla 3.0.3.
Ho do you get all menus (Top, Main, User, etc) to work with Accordion Menu. I can get only one existing menu to respond to Accordion Menu.

Help please,

Mike Wheeler
I am struggling to remove bullets from the list. Tried adding list-style-type:none into multiple locations.

Can you please review and help?

Regards and Thank You
How do I remove the arrows to the left of the menu items?
What is your site url please, we will check and let you know.

Regards, AS Team.
Your question is not related to the accordion menu, but anyway, in the style.silver.css file please find the following class:

#colleft ul li {
background-image: url("../images/bg.listimg.1.png");
list-style-image: url("../images/liststyle.1.png");

and replace with:

#colleft ul li
background-image: url("../images/bg.listimg.1.png");
list-style-image: url("../images/spacer.png");

Regards, AS Team.

How could I stop the menu from kept open?
At the moment, once mouse-overed, the sub menu is kept open till the page is refreshed. I'd like the sub menu to be opened only when mouse-overed.

Thank you for your help!
Sorry forgot to paste the link to the page.
This is my test site.

Hello RICOLA510,
We are sorry, it doesn't have such option, it should be developed.

Regards, AS Team.
I installed this mod and added my menu items, many of which are submenu items but they all just display in a list. Also there is no mouse over effect? Just a list of links, each with a small arrow icon to its left. How do I style it for the behavior seen in the demo and to match my template scheme (AS2048 default)?
Hello DOUGJ22,
What is your site url please? You will need to customize the extension by editing css files.

Regards, AS Team. and see the products and services menu in as-position-10
Hello DOUGJ22,
It seems there is some jQuery conflict between installed extensions, try to disable one-by-one in case to find the extension which makes the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
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