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I installed this mod and added my menu items, many of which are submenu items but they all just display in a list. Also there is no mouse over effect? Just a list of links, each with a small arrow icon to its left. How do I style it for the behavior seen in the demo and to match my template scheme (AS2048 default)?
Hello DOUGJ22,
What is your site url please? You will need to customize the extension by editing css files.

Regards, AS Team. and see the products and services menu in as-position-10
Hello DOUGJ22,
It seems there is some jQuery conflict between installed extensions, try to disable one-by-one in case to find the extension which makes the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
I have disabled every item I could and still the menu does not show correctly? Is there a way t better identify what is blocking it?

Hello DOUGJ22,
Just checked the extensions one more time on our test server, it is working without any problems. You may ask for our installation services using the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
I do not need anything installed. This is the end of a 100 hour development and I will not be installing anything again. I just need the template which I paid you for to work with the extension you provided?

If I provide admin access is there anything else you can learn?

I went into extensions>extension manager>manage and disabled every item expect the module manager, the accordion menu module and the template but still the menu does not show?
Hello DOUGJ22,
It should be investigated why it doesn't work on your server, as you understand the investigation will take some time, it works just perfect with the template 002048.

Regards, AS Team.
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AS Accordion Menu
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