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Hi There,

I recently purchased the premium version of this template (002060) and I'm almost finished modifying it for my site (local host for now). I have a question about the Pos6 "read more" on the front page. When I click the read more button I want it to jump down to rest of the article on the same page but, when I do, it jumps back up to the top of the page instead. The read more portion of the article appears where it should, but readers have to scroll down view it (kind of eliminating the purpose of the read more button).

I've been struggling to fix this (trying to use anchors, etc.), but to no avail. How do I make it so that when I click "read more" it jumps down to the article? Thanks in advance!
Anchors will not help in this case. There is only one way, You have to create a menu item and point it to this article.

Regards, AS Team.
That did the trick! Thanks so much!
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