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Only in the menu items where do you need the slider and circled modules.

Regards, AS Team.
ok but to better understand what are the menu items in your demo setup that reference circles?
In this template it is only home page.

Regards, AS Team.
yes!!! now it' s work very well
Ar Slider Home now doesn't work.

I've a error on the related articles.
The error is: "Invalid Parent ID"
Can you help me|
Hi As Templates,
I try to explaon the problem better.

the proble is realted to As Menu and Art Slider Home.

When I click on the item "Italian Home" in the Menu on the my web site I'don't see the picture related at the Art Slider Home, instead of I click on the other item I can see the pciture in Art Slider General.
Can you help me?
As well submenu doesn't work, there is some kind of jQuery conflict between our extensions and extension installed on your website, try to unpublish one-by-one extensions published on your home page in case to find the problematic one.

Regards, AS Team.
I've tried to disable all of the last module or plugin but nothing change.
it's very strange, but it's more strange when I click on the circle "leggi tutto.." related to section "Trofeo Pantalica " the art slider home start also if the load the image slow.
WHAT do you think about it?
It can be problem with your internet connection, your hosting company, too big image wight or different images sizes.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi As Templates,
I've a question for you
I'm trying to understand if could be a problem Hosting, and currently on GoDaddy, now I'm trying I think is most performing.
Do you have any hosting to suggest me?

whe I save the article related to the category "slider Home" I obtained the error below


Save failed with the following error: Invalid Parent ID"

I've resolved that with the read the article followed
As we know GoDaddy is very good hosting company, we are working with this company for the last 5 years without any problems.
Try to optimize your images, or maybe you are using some extensions which takes some time before loading, or maybe you have slow internet connection.
BTW, when we are opening your site it loads pretty good.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi As Templates,
I have a question for you.
My web site in home page for quite some time, but I do not remember when, appeared the horizontal and vertical bars. Could you help me understand why?

It seems like you use too many third party extensions, that could be cause of jquery conflict on the page.

Regards, AS Team.
to be honest I do not use so many extensions, rather I used the various copies of the form art slider general module though on different menus to show different images to each menu as you can see.
Cau you tell me whitch module give conflct jquery.
It should be investigated by our developers, you can ask for our services using the following page.

Regards, AS Team.
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