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Hello there

Is it possible to put two accordion modules next to each other in an article and if so, which settings are necessary?
We tried to do this, but if we click to open the first tab in the first accordion the first tab in the second accordion opens aswell...

We would be very happy to receive help.
Best regards,
Originally it was developed for one article only, sorry about that.
Please provide us with your site URL, we would like to check the issue.

Regards, AS Team.
One mote question... Sorry ;)

If we enable the Read more button in the accordion module settings and want to change the language on this button, where do we do this?

Thanks for your help!
The 'Read More' button you can edit in the:
modules/mod_as_accordion/tmpl/default.php file
please see lines 257, 264 and 266

Regards, AS Team.
I would very much like to add forms in the article content area. My idea is to
expand and collapse various criteria options which are shown as combo boxes, text boxes and buttons. Can this be done? We need to activate a search button. The next content area would need to contain check boxes but
also uses the same search button.

I am very new to Joomla so I am still unsure of how to do things in Joomla but have tons of web development experience.
Hello ZZZZZ256,
You are welcome to download the free version and test it on your server.

Regards, AS Team.

I have tested this extension and it looks nice. However when clicking read more button the article ends up in the component area, I want to stay in the menu and extend the area within the menu. It seems that there are limitations regarding the max height and limitations of text in the article, is this limitations present in the commercial version as well?

We are sorry, there is no such option.

Regards, AS Team.

I would like to publish our company-adress in the accordion.

It should look like this:

Street 0
00000 City

Street 1
11111 City

Tel.: 00000 / 0000
Fax: 00000 / 0000

This is the Code, I insert:
<p>Street 0<br>
00000 City</p>
11111 City
<p>Tel.: 00000 / 0000<br>
Fax: 00000 / 0000<br>

This is the result on the page:

Street 0
00000 City

Büro:Street 111111 City>

.: 00000 / 0000 Fax: 00000 / 0000!-- var prefix = 'm+ 'il 't var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy96000 = 'i#1o '@ addy96000 = addy96000 + 'm a#1o1o#1u#1i + '. 'de document.write(' document.write(addy96000); document.write('</a>'); //--> se E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

It looks like this, if I delete the E-Mailadress:

Street 0
00000 City

Street 111111 City>

.: 00000 / 0000 Fax: 00000 / 0000/p

I would be very thankful, if you could help me to solve the problem or if you can tell me, what I'm doing wrong. We have bought the AS002042 - Standard - Version.

The item doesn't support HTML content, you may put text only.

Regards, AS Team.

is it possible to limit the number of articles in that category-blog-like extension? In my module are shown 8 articles, but that stretches the module so that the content disappears too much.

Thanks and greetings!
Sorry, not quiet understood the problem, do you mean you would like to show less than 8 items?

Regards, AS Team.
Yes, that is what I mean.

Please see the Item Parameters -> Filtering and Ordering -> Filtering Options by Articles.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello showing Title is not working for me. I am using joomla 2.5, in Slovak language. If I change Article title to option titles it shows this option title, but only for first item. I think it can be because of Slovak language.
We have to see your site please.

Regards, AS Team.
I have a problem with this plug-in you purchased,
The text of the article does not wrap, as you can see in the site
Consequently it draws the edge of the window of the extension.

Thank you.
Can you please provide us with an access to the Joomla admin panel? We would like to check this issue, thank You.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I use joomla3 and I would like to have your nice extension for my website. Are you going to programm it?

I would be very glad to hear from you.
Yes, but it will take some time.

Regards, AS Team.
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