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Hi AS Templates,

I'm testing the Template no. 002046 (LawPoint) in the free version.

If the Client, I'm working for, will accept it, I will purchase it (better,
I'll subscribe to the Club, as I need more stuff, anyway -premium
modules and templates-).

The free template, despite being incomplete, allowed me to test
enough to decide to propose this solution (or some other from AS, if

During the tests, though, I perceived that, with AS Menu, there is a problem in the middle resolution, i.e. for tablets.

It seems that the problem didn't arise, so far, since, searching for the
keyword "tablet" I got no results.

While on pc and iPhone it works like a charm, the behaviour with a tablet
is rather defective: the menu is still the same as for pc, both horizontally and vertically, but the animated roll-down submenu doesn't work.

The animated roll-down is shown with some delay in excess, and this could probably be arranged, but the true problem is that the sub-items give no response... no way to reach the links.

The issue has been checked on two different tablets (Android), thus I
think there is no user mistake, but a technical problem.

I know that I could change the resolution threshold in order to get the phone menu at the tablet display width, but it doesn't seem so
good-looking on a rather large display... probably, a "sandwich" or
"hamburger" menu would look better, on that template, at least.

On the other hand, it seems that the responsive part of the menu is
provided with no alternative options than the two extreme ones.

I thought, too, that, on that 002046 Template, the drop-down box,
included in a 3D "metal plate", could make it less "brutal" for the
tablet displays, but it means to work quite a lot on a bunch of CSS
sheets, trying and trying for an adequate shape.

Do you have any idea and/or suggestion and/or workaround about?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.
Hello ZAPPA53,
Can we see your site and on which devices have you tested it please?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Team,

site is (test site, please don't publish it).

tested on:
- several pc : OK
- iPhone : OK (responsive part to be adjusted).
- tablet Acer Iconia Tab A501 Android (mine)
- tablet Samsung Android (of my fellow, don't know the type).

I have to mention that, for comparison, i tested your demo:

... and I see on my tablet exactly the same behaviour of my test site: no
way to get the sub-item links working, neither horizontally, nor vertically
(the view remains basically the same.

I tried to enlarge with my fingers the view, hoping in a change: nothing to
do, the links remain inactive... very strange.

I have no data about the test of your demo on the other tablet, now (it's
deep night, here), but the problem has been seen first on the other
tablet, from my fellow, thus I think it must be a common problem.

... waiting for your comments an thanking for your prompt reply :-)
Hi AS Team,

I've googled about the issue... it seems that the problem is known:
:hover events are not recognized on tablets, therefore there are
workaround solutions, i.e.:

1. jQuery

2. via CSS

I think that the final solution is to play with visibility of submenus
(apper/disapper), avoiding roll-down animations in the middle resolutions,
that for tablets is enough... as simplest, as better.

In the "Main section" of the second example, the two examples:

[This is filter#1] [This is filter#3]

... work perfectly on my tablet ("the Acer Iconia Tab A501 has a 10.1-in display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels").

Hope that this could be of help.

I wait for your comments, thank you.
Hello ZAPPA53,
Thank You for the info, we will check what can be done here, sorry but it will take some time.

Regards, AS Team.
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