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Goog morning,
I've installed your template AS 002036 on my multilingual website, after your suggestion I've modified index.php to display Splash page for both languages. The issue now is that Splash page both in English and Italian displays the Main menu (as AS Menu gets the menu items from the Main menu), the same on the other pages, AS Menu on top of the page (as-position-1) only display what’s on Main Menu.
How do I get AS menu to display Main menu IT for Italian and Main menu GB for English?
Details of my site are on my Purchased item page.
Many thanks
Best regards,
Hello SILVIA72,
Please be sure you have selected appropriated menu under module basic options, for example under AS Menu gb menu you have selected Main Menu.

Regards, AS Team.
Good morning!
I have now assigned Main menu (en-gb) to AS Menu gb and Main menu (it-it) to As Menu it but the menu disappears from all pages apart from the Splash page (althought not assigned to any AS menu) where the Main menu appears. Here follows the code that shows that As menu gets items only from Main menu in the Splash page (and I suppose also in other pages that's the reason why now menu disappeared)

<div id="as-menu" class="menu-wrapper">
<ul class="as-menu as-js-enabled as-shadow">
<li class="item-101 active">
<a href="/dev/AS/index.php/en/profilo-main">Profilo</a>
<li class="item-102">
<li class="item-128">
<li class="item-103">

Many thanks for your always prompt and kind support
Bestr regards, Silvia

Good morning!
problem solved!!!! Sorry I did a very stupid mistake......
I had assigned the correct menu to AS Menu it and AS Menu gb under Menu assignment but I had Main menu selected under Basic options for both AS Menu it and AS Menu gb.....! Once I selected the correct menus under Basic options everything started working perfectly!
Hope this didn't cause you a too big loss of time....
Still very sorry, and thanks again for your support!
Best regards, Silvia
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