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JD MedicX
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Joomla and WordPress Templates

About Joomla! Template JD MedicX

JD MedicX is a fully responsive Clinic Joomla template which is best suitable for hospitals, clinics, dentists, opticians etc. JD MedicX Joomla template is build with latest technologies and is fully compatible with Bootstrap 4. JD MedicX Joomla template is designed with clean and lightweight code so it can speed up page loading on every device. This medical Joomla template is comes with a powerful admin panel where from you can control all the settings easily. You don't need to have an expert level skill to set up your clinic website. JD MedicX template makes it too easy. JD MedicX comes with multiple header variations which can be customized directly from admin panel. JD MedicX template comes with AJAX based forms which allow users to complete form submissions without page refresh.