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Joomla and WordPress Templates

About Joomla! Template Quartz

Quartz is a crip clean Eco Joomla template based on the all new and highly customizable T4 Framework (a successor of the legendary T3 Framework), Bootstrap 4 and SCSS(Sassy CSS). It is tailored for Conservation, Charity and Community websites. Take absolute control of your website's layout with the inbuilt layout builder.

Say goodbye to the old, rigid module positions and say hello to the new layout builder. With the new layout builder, you can create new blocks, rearrange blocks, assign blocks and module positions in whichever position you want. There is also an option to define the number of modules/columns per block.

You can also add background images, overlays and colours to individual blocks. Each block can be set to be within a container element, fluid or none (spanning the entire width of the screen). The block can be set to fix at the top, bottom or just to be scroll-able.