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JD - Carrie
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Joomla and WordPress Templates

About Joomla! Template JD - Carrie

Responsive Personal Resume One Page Joomla Template designed with Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder template designed for photographer, designer, developer, creatives, artists, painter etc.

The resume Joomla template is powered with the flexible Astroid Joomla template framework that allows you to customize your website at any level. The Joomla one page template is styled with JD Builder Pro* that allows you to edit or create pages by drag and drop the element on the desired position. When you are presenting yourself through your resume website, you need to be more creative. The one page Joomla template is designed with this creativity. With the help of this template, you can showcase your skills, your projects with a creative and interactive way. The onepage Joomla template is easy to use and customize. Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you will be able to edit the pages.