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JD Archi
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Joomla and WordPress Templates

About Joomla! Template JD Archi

JD Archi is a Architecture & Interior Design Joomla template which is powered with Astroid Framework and Styled with JD Builder - The drag and drop Joomla page builder . The Joomla template is specially designed for professionals who are providing services such as interiors design, exterior design, kitchen design, living room design, office design, etc. JD Archi Joomla template helps you to design your website with no time.

The template comes with drag and drop Joomla page builder which makes it quite easy to create and edit the website pages. So if you are not a coding geek, you will be able to customize your website at any level. 

Apart from this, the template is backed with powerful Astroid framework which let's you manage all your website settings from a single panel. You can control all the configuration settings from basic such as pre-loader, back to top, Color management, typography management to advanced such as layout builder, header management, Menu and mega menu builder, adding custom codes etc. 

The template is fully compatible with the third party extensions and comes with all the required pre-designed pages such as About us, services, service detail page, contact us page, blog and blog inner page. The template allow you to control all the blog settings as well. It offers you 5 article types i.e. Regular, Audio, Video, Quote, and review. Apart from this, it also offers your custom badges which can be shown on the article listing view to attract more reader. 

If you want to enable the comments on your articles, you can do easily with a single click. You can integrate Facebook comments, Diquss, hyper comments and intense debate.