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Released an update for the premium template Primus

Updated files:


Regards, AS Team.
Vey nice template too. Want to buy this one for a client. Is the slider included? If not were can i get it?

Thanks Martien
Would you tell me what is the advantage of "Table-less design"?
Greetings, JA
It is possible to make the FAQ feature like "accordion"? I mean to reveal the answers when you clikck question, just open with a smooth slide.
It is standard now, not static FAQ...
Greetings, JA
I tried to install primus on a empy 2.5.4 joomla system. Installed und enabled the JA T3 Plugin first, but got the error message below installing primus

JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/digifot1/www/

Could you help me
Hello technikdigifoto,
Please download the latest version, it should be fixed now.

Regards, AS Team.

We have a template now that is way too complicated.

3 questions:
- Can we chage the font of the headers
- Is it possible to have another background color than the standard ones
- Are the sliders included?
- When we have a larger logo, do we need to go into php or can we just change the current one?
- Is it possible to add a small top menu where the phone number is now?

I installed the package but is missing MISSING_JAT3_FRAMEWORK_PLUGIN
Can you please tell me where is in the package?


OK, I got very much the template working, I just have another question?

The Nivo-Szaki Slider position according to your template is top.slideshow.

I don't see the position in the my joomla module position.

I can't assigned the Nivo-Szaki because the position does not exist.


The URL for the website is
when i install template iget thr error:
JInstaller: :Installeren: Bestand bestaat niet /home/martirz80/domains/

but the template works.

and when i install nivo szaki slider i get the fatal error:
Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/martirz80/domains/ on line 51

what is wrong? please help me.

Hello, I am very happy with the template, but am currently unable to change the color profile in Template Manager panel. When I assign a different color under language and page assignments, they do not affect the front end view of the site. I have tried all of the preloaded colors available, but no changes are happening. Currently I have the dimgrey color assigned but the front end view shows black. Please advise, thanks!

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