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Good news. Thanks

Kind Regards

Hello PrimerTemplates,
How to set up a contact form for Gemini PT - Regular License, all the time I get an error: [404] File Not Found: File does not exist The requested URL / interior / contact-us was not found on this server.

Hello PrimerTemplates,

I bought the Template Gemini TP.

Sorry, but the quickstart has no Demo data like seen on the AS Homepage, no extensions installed, no T3 plugin, the revolution slider dosn’t work, the yjpiecemaker Slider dosn’t show the pictures and the qickstart package include only a joomla installation with different demo data per example for blog and so on.

I bought short time ago, a other template and this was complete with all features and demo data in the quickstart.

This gemini template is not really practicable for me in this way, because i have to start by zero.
Please be so kind and send me a complete quickstart package.

Thanks in advance with best regards
Hello PrimerTemplates,

thank's for your perfekt support, the backup work's fine.

my best
Hello PrimerTemplates,
i desperate need help with installation qucikstart package (hanging on the creating database tables). I've tried everything from this link

1. creating phprc with code
max_execution_time = 3000 ;
memory_limit=128M ;

2. MYSQLi changed to MYSQL - DOES'NT WORK

3. Edited the SQL install file (Root/installation/SQL/mysql/joomla.sql) and replaced all "ENGINE=InnoDB" with "ENGINE=MyIsam" - DOES'NT WORK

please help, i've lost 3 days too solve this problem and nothing accomplished :(
Hello PrimerTemplates,
Thank you very much for your help!

Best Regards
Hello Primer Template,

I am unable to change the background colour of the footer (dark gray) using Theme Magic or by any other means (editing CSS codes). Whatever change I do, the background colour remains dark grey. It seems to have a bug somewhere.

Kindly Advise.

Hi PrimerTemplates,

I've the same challange as Waltergoeth. I've bought your template, but there is no real docu of the Template. What's about all the modules? There're more or less 10 Modules in default available!? Is it true? For example: No slider-module in default?

I'm a beginner, but it's not the first template I'm workig with.

If you have a more detailed docu, please be so kind and send it to me.

Thank you!

Best regards

I bought your Template, but the revolution Slider does not work on the frontend. I don't know what the problem is.
The Slider is only grey in the frontend. The preview in the backend is perfect.
Hello Highlighter GK5 not functioning, does not allow changes of position, and I need to rename NEWS BRIEFS of this supplement.

I also want to hide the slider from within the outstanding items that appear on the main page.

thanks u.
Thanks for the help. I did what you said, but what I need is to remove the slider of the featured articles that appear in the home page. These items are not linked to a menu.
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