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Hello, could mindiquer size of the images used for the slide SHOW

5 background colours means only slideshow background? If ist the whole page(main) to dark must i change the css manualy?

tnx for ansfer
Tnx for fast ansfer. Maybi you know when will be major update? Next week, moth, 6month...?

Hello DelightGroup
I can do that but my question is what are the dimensions of your images on your demo

thank you
hello two more questions
How to increase the size of a logo text beyond 6
and how to change the text color of a logo

Thank you for fast update and white theme.
Hello DelightGroup,
I installed this template but perhaps I forgot something, but how do I add text to the module positions and position the module on the position that I want?

Also, I would like to know if it's possible to have access to the administration of the demo preview of the Streak template. I'm interested how some parts is added and worked out in the demo preview. I can't find this demo preview in the zippackage that I downloaded. Apologies for these probably stupid questions.

Hi team,

How do I make the desktop view appear on all iphone's and mobile devices as a standard?


I need to realize my site in two languages ​​(French and English)
I can not put my two language menus replace the original main menu.
only possible in the left position.
you have a suggestion?
thank you
concerning the management of multilingune, I created two menus
In managing the template I posted the FR menu but I can not seem to affect the meu IN
I cloned the template, but nothing works.
Can you give me the way to follow this template with the system JAT3 Template FrameworkBonjour,
concernant le m
it is impossible to make a multilingual site with this template?
If you do not have a solution it must be specified in item detail.
Thank you for the work to follow for an exchange or refund
thank you
I have been to see your link but it does not rule in the rizn bp.
I need the menu to affcige French and English in the same place that is to say in horizintal as in your model.
For my part I have managed to place the menu's to the left or right but it has nothing to do with the model
and I have no solution.
your help is welcome
In fact the solution for mega menu T3 is to duplicate the theme but not the management menu templates. I managed after some trial and error to the desired result by copying the theme ja t3 blank (or any other template using t3) on my desk must open the file and change the name templateDetails.xml the template between the tags as <name> this eg <name> ja-t3-blank_fr </ name>
it remains only zip files and install as a new theme. From the point must be the menus on the right template. Changes made ​​to the profile of each template fr for one and the other and still do not disappear as is the case if we make a duplicate of the template from joomla admin
2 questions
1) How to make the title of the page does not appear with a capital letter to each word.
2) how to make the logo disappear framework 2 in the iPhone version
thank you
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