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how can ı change "Media" caption from gallery page? (
The caption you may change in 'language/en-GB/en-GB.com_k2.ini' file, please look for 'K2_MEDIA' constant, or you can override it using Joomla language override tool, for more info please see the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
ı want to remove Captify Content and enlarge can ı do it?
You have to unpublish the module in Joomla module manager, then change the slider bootstrap column size parameter from 6 columns to 12, the parameter you can find under extension advanced options tab:

Regards, AS Team.
ı change top icon menu's icons but new icons Going lower bottom.. How do I make side by side
Just checked your site, the social menu looks good, if you still have any problems please provide us with url on the page where we can see the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
thanks but I did not say the social menu, ı say the left of the social menu: müşteri girişi and personel girişi menus... ı want to side by side this hoods
You do not have a css for your menu, your custom css you have to create and put to style.custom.css file

Regards, AS Team.
Recently I recognize a problem in the footer of the site
I would be happy if you can help me or to direct me how to fix it
Website address:
Please carefully check your article, somewhere you have missed closing tag

Regards, AS Team.
I paid the template 002040 i ddint download the template. User: mibielli - How i proceed?

You can download it from the Purchased items in Your AS Templates account.

Regards, AS Team.
hi, i want to forward 404 page to the index.php, how can ı do it?
You can do it:

1. using the .htaccess if your using Apache. Just add the following line to it and all 404 errors will be redirected to your homepage:
ErrorDocument 404 index.php

2. Or in the tempaltes folder, open system/error.php file using your favorite editor like dreamweaver or notepad++ , then after this php code:

1. defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );
copy and paste this php code.
2. <?php
header("Location: ");

Regards, AS Team.

Downloaded from Your site laid out in free access
002040 - JOOMLA 3 BOOTSTRAPPED TEMPLATE (download free version)
AS ACCORDION MENU - JOOMLA 3 EXTENSION (download free version)
AS ARTSLIDER - JOOMLA 3 (download free version)

Built a website, uploaded it to the hosting.

When you refresh the page highlight with 2 Windows asking confirmation "Designed by as Designing"

How can I solve the problem? I've used download free version
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.

website url -

With respect
It is because you deleted the copyright in the template footer, you are not allowed to delete it in the free version.

Regards, AS Team.
I bought the template as002040 captify content but the form does not work. k2 item settings-category filtering not show. if I select in setting general categories k2 me error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual That Corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY c.ordering LIMIT 0, 8' at line 1 SQL = SELECT c. * FROM WHERE c.published #__ k2_categories as c = 1 AND c .access <= 2 AND c.trash = 0 AND = ORDER BY c.ordering LIMIT 0, 8 what I have to do the form I want it to work?
Hello GIOFRA1974,
Some of your articles/categories have syntax/html errors, our suggestion is to disable one-by-one all articles used in the extension in case to find the problematic one.

Regards, AS Team.
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