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I have just downloaded this template, but I can´t use it, it is too large.

Could you help me to solve my problem?

kind regards
Hello, I´ve solved the problem, thank you, I had to extract the zipfile.

the next question: how can i get the rounded frames of the picture on the home site? is it another exstension or is it included to the template?

thank you for your answer!

Kind regards
Hello, another question. How get I main slideshow (ck in demo version) on the home?

thank you
I want to use the dark version of this Template, but the script color in the menu is too similar to its background color, so you can not differ them from each other.

How can I change the color of them?



I have just buyed this Template with Google Checkout.
Can you please tell me where i can find the downloadlink? THX
The item you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.
Please click on the URL below or copy it to your browser's address bar and use your assigned username and password to access your AS Template account:

Regards, AS Team.
I still haven’t received an answer to my question. Once again I ask you to help me with the following issue:
After buying the template called Alpine - Extended License for Joomla 3.0, I tried to implemented it into my Joomla (all configurations are like described in your installation guide). I installed the Plugin and a blank template That blank template is working but when I installed your template and all of its extensions, nothing is working and I get the following error: 404 - Komponente nicht gefunden
I also tried installing it onto my local host with XAMPP and still get the same result: The blank template is working and yours doesn’t. And the wouldn’t work on the local host either.
Also the package Quickstart is too big to be installed but I tried uploading it bit by bit and yet that method didn’t work either.
Please help me solving that problem I have been trying to get tat template to work for a whole week now and I need it for a project ASAP.

Thank you in advance,
Irina Karchanina

i have all gescickt login details on email and wait for your answer.

Thank you

KHARKOW Irina Karchanina
Hello Alpine Team;-),

i'm really fascinated of the Alpine Joomla Template and looking forward to use it totally!

ONE BIG QUESTION (maybe i'm to silly to use this problem..):

How can i delete the LOGO (in the top of the site) completely...I've just the option to chose Image or Text!!!
But for me it would be really important that i can delete this line!!


Please answers!!

Best Regards from Austria,

Andy Drewing
Thanxx for fast answering.
Complete without isn't possible, or??

means to delete the LOGO Line...that the website is starting with the menu in the TOP!?!?

Best Regards,

Andy Drewing
For me it would be really important to delete the LOGO LINE (ALPINE, in the TOP of the page)!!
It brings nothing for me to change it to text or to another Image...
I want to put it away!!

Please help me,

thanxx, Andy Drewing

At the moment there is the Logo "active andy" in the beginning of the site.
I want to delete the Logoline complete....that the site is starting with the menu!!

Best regards,

Hello Alpine Team,

do you get my answer??

best regards,

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Alpine PT
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Regular License
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