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Thank you, I have corrected the menu issue, changing it to "clean" sorted it. However it looks like there is a shadow around each module position. This is on the extended license version which does not appear on the single license version. Url for extended version - single license -

kind regards


I bought the INTERIOR TEMPLATE must disable this function responsive layout template. On the control panel I select Responsive Layout = NO, but when saved to change the layout as he continues: Responsive Layout = YES.
I'm using the quickstart for joomla 3.0
As the developer of this theme can help me? Sure your understanding.

is it possible to put the template in black?
Hello, I would like to use the Quickstart template that is meant for 3.0, but I currently have 3.2 installed fresh and won't install. Is it possible to install Qickstart on 3.2?

I'm sorry, but I've had nothing but issues with installing this template. I've installed on Joomla 3.0 and 3.2 with a fresh install of Joomla. Have tried with the full quickstart package on a fresh server. I've tried with updated Warp Frame work. Other templates work, but this will not. The closest I can get is a fresh Joomla install on 3.0 or 3.1 (Not 3.2), upgrade Warp Framework so that you get a profile in template manager, but no matter what template changes will not save. Permissions and database is all fine. To make sure I have installed correctly I tried other warp templates and they work fine. I was under the impression that the full quickstart package would setup like the demo site, but that doesn't setup at all no matter which way you try install it. Please provide some informative instructions and a solution to template setting changes not saving even though it says they saved correctly. Than you
Hello, I purchased template for joomla install it on version 2.5 (I did a migration from the old site that was in joomla 1.5) I am interested to know how to do it with the quickstart. I would like the template equal to the demonstration. give me instructions?
I can not believe you did not do a custom quickstart for joomla 2.5

users who are using the latest version of joomla long term as they do?
Hello, I installed the template with joomla 3.2 works perfectly, now I have a little problem.
I would like to copyright the name of my firm, tell me the file in which to change the name?

I tried to installing the quickstart in localhost, but When i've arrived in the end of installation, it turned back always at the third part. I'm using easyphp 12.1.
If I'm installing the joomla 3.2 and after only the template it's all right, but the quickstart no.
This is the second template that I tried to install using the quickstart file but without success.
Please let me know what is the problem with your quickstart files, since I have no problem installing another vendors quickstart files, and I already purchase a Club account from you but it is not working for me at all.
Since you do not make refunds, I encourage you to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance.
Gerardo Ruiz.
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