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Hello AS team,

where can i change the menu.css so the buttons don't get transparent anymore.

And is it posible that the tag menu is Always visible by the menu item team on your demo site.

because when you click team you see them all with the tags menu above. but when i click on one person there is no overview off the rest so i have to go back and i want te menu alwasys bevisible when you look en the menu team!

I hope my question is clear!

greets Martijn
In the 'templates/as002056/css/ext.asmenu.css' file please find the following class and add 'background-color: #fff;' declaration (should be on line 101):

.navigation #as-menu > li,
.navigation #as-menu > li:hover
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
width: 19.66%;
text-align: center;
list-style: none;
background-color: #fff;

Regards, AS Team.
Regarding the team menu items, you may create a new menu with all your team members and put it in some module position.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AsTeam,

Oke but can i make menu items based on the tags?? because i want to display more items @ ones, just as management there are more people in it, Can i put management in a menu??

And there are people ho have managet te make the logo bigger? is this also in css?

The template doesn't have such option, our support team can't help you in this case, it should be developed, you have to create your own css or ask for our services.

Regards, AS Team.
When i ajust the slider order it dosn't change in the site?? Is there a trick to diseit the order from the articles of the slider!
The template has 4 order types, which one are you using?

Regards, AS Team.
where can i find this. bey article there are only 3

and in the main its on category, and when i go to article i select category slider its sorted like i wan't it ajust in the first collum!

You can find it under slider basic options -> ordering.
PLease see the following page for all slider parameters:

Regards, AS Team.
Oke, now i understand. i sorted teh articles when i select it onluy the slider articles. But when i sort them over there. it will not change the ordering when you display evreything!

Now the next thing i don't understand. 1 of my for article I wan't to expose without the title. So i said in the article don';t display title / linkt title tags or introtext

Stil I see the article title in the slider!

The slider doesn't have such parameter, you can show article titles or not to show, the parameter you can find under the slider basic options -> show article title.

Regards, AS Team.
further I'am currius if it is possible to make make a same button in the highligt sections (position 5) in stat of read more..
I need the button to go to a menu link I want to uce this aria like a (menu)

Sorry, the position 5 is designed for slider only, for any other extensions you have to write your own css or ask for our services.

Regards, AS Team.

My website is in french. Where can I find the png of the totop button in order to change it? (I have changed the caption in the template manager) thank you
The buttons doesn't have any images, in case to change them you have to edit ext.asmenu.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
I have a problem with click into "read more" in as-position-6.
I use the 4 modules on my front page like in the demo.

I wish that when I click into "read more" the complete article should open in one of my menues. Right now it opens the article like in demo below the modules. Thanks for your help in advance!

In your case you have to create a new menu and point the menu item on this article.

Regards, AS Team.
I have purchased the extended licence of the template for this and I use godaddy and I have installed the normal version of the template and need either some way to install the quickstart package so the template looks like the demo or documentation to set it up myself like the template can you please help??
best regards
The quick-start package documentation installation you can find on the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
I have change the text read more in the dutch version "Lees Meer.." but know i wan't to change something ain't I can't find it anywere anymore??
Can you tel me where I can change it

The option populaire articles lookt to catogories

I have b.v:

- gadgets
- - gadget1
- - gadget2
- foto
- - newborn
- - family

now i have selected the cotegories - gadgets and - foto whit the hope the categories that are a part of this the - - gadgets1 enz. will be displayd in the populair menu.
But it wil not work even when i selcet the - - gadget1 its not taking al the articles. What do I wrong.

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