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Hi there,

everything works fine but I have a question about migration update to Joomla 3 ?
Do you have any plans for it? I bought the template two days ago, but I'd like to have the page working on Joomla 3, since Joomla 2.5 will not be supported for a long time, EOS is currently set for the end of the year.

Kind Regards,
Yes, it will be updated for Jomla 3 version till end of the year.

Regards, AS Team.
The end of 2014. is over. Can we expect new version of template for Joomla v3? I bought template quickly and I didn't see it is for v2.5. :(
It will be very nice if it will be made as responsive template. :)
In our plans to start working on responsive version next month only.

Regards, AS Team.
Next month is for two days. :)
Can I expect new version for Joomla 3 soon (it shouldn't be responsive for the first time)?
I'm very hurry for my job. I made mistake by bying this template because my customer want site in Joomla 3. :(
It will take us at least 2 weeks to make it compatible with Joomla 3.

Regards, AS Team.
Well, I keep your word for it. Two weeks. ;)
Well, two weeks passed! What's about Joomla 3 version of this template? ;)
It is released, you can download it from your AS account.
The template was fully recreated, changed all module positions and files structure. It will not work just by replacing the previous template version.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you!!! :)
I downloaded this template from the back area after signing up on the Advanced Plan. The quickstart zip file does not include a joomla installation directory. So there is no way for me to set it up.

Any Ideas?
Thank You for noticing about this problem, just updated the package, you can download it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
I am using this template with the extended license. I have added the standard Joomla core contact form. My address is displayed, the contact form not. Using a standard Joomla template all works without any problems.

Do you have any idea how to solve this ?

I have Joomla 3.41.

Thanks in advance.
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, it's a temporary address. There you will find the contact form:

Sorry forgot: No, I have installed Joomla first, then the template separately.

Our suggestion is to install it using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page and it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings. The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation, here you can find some more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for your mail and sorry for asking again.

As far as I understood, the quickstart file installs a complete Joomla, isn't it ?

But which version. I have now started with 3.4.1 and prefer not use a lower version.
The current quick-start package has Joomla version 3.3.6, after installing it you can easy upgrade your Joomla to version 3.4.1

Regards, AS Team.
Unfortunately it is not this easy.

First upgrade with the automatic update brought "Error 0 Cannot open file for writing log".
Change rights of log and tmp get the installation file downloaded to tmp until the next error "Invalid Login".
Using the extension manager seems to start installation until the error message " Copy file failed " came.
I have used the update offered by Joomla itself:

I have no idea left at the moment,

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