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Hello ASteam

I am looking for a new website for my school but my question is can i change for every image in this template a diffrent roll over

I nee 6 images and when men roll over this image there need to popup a menu. sush like your template.

the menu is here displayd

the six blocks with the roll over menu's

Can i realise this with this template??
So i understand that when i create a menu in a artikle as i want it and the article is assigned to the lightbox i can create in all the diffrent lightboxes a diffrent hover?
I dont understand if the extension for the blog is included in the package or not
is it then possible to instal the extension more time so i can create more hovers?

If I was to purchase this, how flexible is it, can the css be changed?
Can the logo be re-positioned?
Can the background image be changed in the header with the lines in it?
Can the side bar be disengage?
What limitations will there be on this template?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
So, I waited for an answer and never received it. I paid and downloaded the template and now Joomla 3.2.3 wont install the template, it's a fresh Joomla install and there should be no reason it won't. I guess that's what I get for not going to a site where people respond to questions. It looks good on on this site, but just didn't install.
Hi again,
Ok, I got it loaded, but what I needed to do (and the information on doing this was not supplied) was unzip the file and install the items within the template 1 by 1. This seems to have worked. I have a few more questions but I will email you these. I just wanted to post this so as to not discourage others from this template. Great template.
Kind regards
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Hello again,

I changed the template default to Creative and finished installing all the rest of the files that i downloaded after purchasing.

I'm confused about something. If I installed the quickinstall file with all the sample data, shouldn't I see more content than I am seeing now? It looks nothing like the demo preview.

Did I install incorrectly, or forget a step?

Thank you.

Hi Primer Templates,

I already installed everything. How do I go back and change to "Default English Sample Data"?
You're awesome!! Thank you!!
Hi Primer Templates,

I have 2 questions:

1. How/where do I change the background of the header section only? Client wants to incorporate a patterned background to his logo.

2. Where do I change the semi-transparent red image hover on the body of the home page? I'm referring to the body of the home page....when you hover over any of the pictures, a red transparent box flows in that allows you to click to enlarge the photo.


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