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I have no PayPal but only VISA. Please accept other payment methods.
We are sorry, we are accepting payment via PayPal or Google Wallet only, both of them accepting VISA.

Regards, AS Team.
I do not understand your program. When I put a logo for example, all the layout fades.
When I install modules in the layout, all the rest fades.
How to keep what what I makes?
Have you a picture of the complete template?
It is about LT School.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.
P.M. Moritz

I installed the template LT School. However, when I try to change the logo all the menus in the layout disappear and I received the following warning in the Layout tab,

"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in /home/institut/public_html/plugins/system/helix/layout/generated. php on line 235 ".

I am wondering if you can give some help with this issue since I cannot fix the problem.

I am using Joomla 3.3.6

Best Regards

Andreia Madeira
Hello Support-Team,
I've installed your LT-Theme.
When I try to enter the templates administration-Interface on the backend a warning appears:
'500 - Fehler beim Laden der Formulardatei' .
So, i'm not able to customize the template.
Placing content was no problem.
What can I do ???

Thanks for help.


On demo page I can't navigate "Joomla!" menu submenus. They disappear, when I try to hover on them. Browser is FF (last updated). I want to buy that template, but can't try all menus and hope you'll fix it.

Thank you
Well done!!!
Thank you very much!
I have purchased the template through paypal but I'm not seeing the download in "my purchased items".
Just checked your account, it is available, probably there was some delay in receiving payment confirmation from PayPal.

Regards, AS Team.

got a little problem with the template.

When I start the frontpage, the menu is hiding behind the the Slideshow. After some seconds the menu is visible as it should.

Good day. I recently purchased your LT School template. I installed the template through the install option in Joomla site, uploading the install package zip file contained in the resources i downloaded from your site. However, after joomla processed the installed, it displayed that "plugins have been successfully installed". I wondered why it claimed that only plugins were installed because I saw the actual theme displayed on my site but not in the manner it displayed in the demo version in your website. I am using Joomla 3.5 and the domain name where the resultant installation of the theme is still active is: Please help me look into this and guide on a solution for the theme to display exactly how it is displayed in the demo version. If it requires an xml file or package to do that. Please guide on how to get it. I'll be eagerly anticipating your feedback. Thanks.
How many menus does the free version of LT School support?
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