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the position 1 has a BG images where the text is scrolling over, but how can I change this image

this is the setting

but the main image stays

Oke but can I chenge it only ones, because in the home page I need this image, but for other pages I want to make a diffrent module with a background image like the module with another image!
I bought it. I have problems with adjustments. Who will help me. On the main page. "ABOUT fitness center, FEATURED CLASSES, other classes, pricing tables, body-building ANALYSIS, health & fitness NEWS" I couldn't find the settings.

I want to make a map installation. module installation is not active. How Can I do to install the module.
there are problems with Joomla panel installation.

No installation plugin has been enabled. At least one must be enabled to be able to use the installer. Go to the Plugin Manager to enable the plugins."

download file Part No.

I can give you login details to your Joomla panel via mail. we need to solve this problem.

Extensions-manage-install- "upload package file" no.

this picture looks like. the installation section is missing.

I've checked. I think there's something missing.
I've done the installation now. my eyes I missed him. thanks for the help. currently is good.

-" Post Formats > Video Pos Format "
I'd like to change the video. but I don't know how it should be done.

-" Post Format > Status Post Format "
setting up how to screenshot on Twitter.

-don't have an adjustment for Instagram and YouTube accounts. to click will direct you to My Account.

-switching between pages is very slow. what in your opinion the problem stems from.
I bought this template but I don't find how I can translate it in french. Could you say me how can I do that ? Thanks !
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