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Hi I do not understand. I was at AS template and thought you have added the install file. I downloaded the template again. The template is so nice and appealing. But I am a little bit disappointed. I used all possible means to install, through quickstart, temp folder, joomla CMS extension file upload. There is no install file for the template. The only install file that is there is the hikashop install file!!! Please review this template and add the file. I really want to use your template but well well, we need the install file to make it work. Can you please cross check, add the file, update my purchase and advise me to download it again or just refund me.

The culpit might be the magic quotes. I have asked my provider to disable magic quotes. I want to install through quick start, hopefully with removal of magic quotes it would be possible.
I will let you know.
Thanks for the answer, the problem has been solved successfully. I have another question about HikaShop:
My shop delivers the items to be paid AFTER the takeover, without using HikaShop when paying. So, i'am removed "payment" view from "chekout workflow", but ordering can be done without selecting a payment method. So, i want to receive the order but do not want to pay online. How do i do that?
Sorry for my bad english.
I installed the website but but but, I think the code is missing something.

The website shows correctly in Mozilla and Chrome

But the website is broken in Internet explorer.

Can you please advise me how to resolve this or else refund me.

I will be waiting for your response in 2 business days.

Ho Joomlavi Yeam,

I purchased the template from you now you are forwarding me to another company. Hikashop comes integrated in your template so technically you should have tested it before selling it to customers. Because I purchased the template as I thought it was compatible with all browsers. Please review this again and give me a solution. I contacted Hikashop and they are not ready to assist! So please help me because yo are the one that sold the item and you describe that it is compatible with Hikashop plus I am sure you tested it rpior to luanching it to customers.
Hi, I contacted Hikashop and they do not provide support for templates. My impression is you designed the template and I guess you tested it accross browsers. When such an issue arise then you should be able to pin point to the missing code and correct it . I am not trying to teach but i am trying to find ways my issue can be solved. So please if you can solve the issue for the missing codes kindly refund me. It has been a pain trying to do and that makes me feel bad to leave you. Hopefully will use your template again.

Please refund me if you cannot fix the missing codes with internet explorer. I tried run the compatibilty mode in internet explorer and the issue remains, pages are broken. This is ddue to probably some missing codes in the frame.php.

Good morning,

I tested the website again today. It seems Internet explorer was in compatibility mode which gave broken pages. So I removed the compatibility view and the website seems to be okay, no broken pages so far. Please tell me, my
- When i click on home page, the bar menu just above URL address says: telligentus- JV Fashion-ecommerce solution.
how do I remove the JV Fashion-ecommerce solution. I guess I have to edit the code!

- At the end of the page at the footer
there is the advert from your company
designed by joomlavie
joomla... is a free...

how do I remove these from my web pages!
I guess I need to edit the code.

Thanks for the help!

One more thing in the footer. This is how my footer looks like now after editing code.
Copyright © 2015 Telligentus. All Rights Reserved. Buy and Sell all you want
Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.

How do I remove this last part "joomla is free template released under the GNU License!"

buona sera io con questo tema ricevo molti spam e non riesco a bloccarli ora ho dovuto bloccare la registrazione il recapta non funziona avete una soluzione?
Estou a dias tentando instalar o template JV Fashion e demora muito tempo para carregar e quando faço o uploaud leva cerca de uma hora e em seguida fecha a pagina como se nada tivesse sido feito. tentei em outras maquinas e sempre a mesma coisa. Meus clientes já estão chateados com a demora. Na ultima sexta após todo tempo de espera a pagina se fechou e tirou até o domínio do ar. preciso de uma solução urgente. meu email
Tenho urgência desta resposta com a solução do problema, pois acredito no profissionalismo desta equipe.
Estou a dias esperando esta resposta pois mandei ao email como me pediram.
Good morning,

I do not have good news today. I run the website but I had to quickly shut it down because of the spams. The template has got 2 recaptca areas, the contact form and the login-registration form. The contact form recaptca works but the registration recaptca has failed. I have spoken with hikashop and they have failed to provide a file to fix it. It looks like the way you put it at as templates website all should work. I received tones of spams and had to shut down the website. so your template cannot be used for the intended purpose unless the recaptca et registration works. if you had an email I could send you the different slides i rpinted to show you. All settings are fine but the recaptca fails. So I will kindly ask you to refund me. I feel bad to say this and was hoping your design works for me. I feel really bad as your template was nice but it lacks that security feature which renders it unutilizable!
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