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Dear LTheme,

The LT Industrial Template looks great :)
I would like to know before the purchase if the header and color can be changed ? Now the menu is dark with white letter and so is the module with the logo LTheme. My logo is dark and red so it would be pourly visible. My logo looks like this

Please let me know if it's possible from the backend.

Thank You!
Hello, I have a question, is in this package an quick start included ? Best Regards

I have 2 questions :
1. I would like to know why Google Chrome tab on the smaller screen OFERTA test overlaps with each other , and Mozzilla Firefox and Internet Explorer all the text nicely and is responsive decreases .

2. How can I remove or change icons in 4 circles with text on the home page ? A link to my page is:

Thank you for your response. I send screenshots of the appearance of text in 2 browsers - google chrome and firefox mozzilla . My text is made ​​in the table. How to solve the problem?
Ok you can check now. It's available.
Thank you it's ok now :)_
Dear All,

I have a question regarding to the two diferent licenses, my question are the following:

1.- Standard license include the package installation for LT industrial template including psd images and sample installation as you can view in demo site?

2.- Extended license include many domains, but what else?

I only make sure of the content of this template for each license

What are the technical requirements for this joomla template? php mysql joomla 3.XXX?

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Gustavo

I have a question regarding to LT industrial template....this template
has the logo icon and menu in black color or something like black, how can I change this color in order to have the back font color in red?

Do you have a documentation in order to understand this and more specification for this template?

Thanks in advance

Note: this template was already purchased

Good day. I try to change the module "Portfolio Home" link "show all" in the Russian language does not work ... Prompt public comment threads necessary to make changes !? Thank you in advance. Andrey

Thanks for your response above...this is another question in reference with this template, I'd like to change the context located in "Home" page.....for example it said the following things:

- "Diferent plan you can buy this template"
- "Our customers, what they said...."

and many more....but I've tried to check this kind of article or modules in administrator but I can't find out any text like this or the section that it shows in home, how I can do it in order to disable diferent context in home page?

thanks in advance,
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LT Industrial
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