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Do you have install service? I don't know how to install vial akeba, the instructions are not correct. Isn't there a different way to install this template? If not I need to return it. I have no use if it if I can't install it.

Hannelore Freundlich

I purchased all those templates from you and could not use any of them.


There is a test page in the account you need to delete that one. It's been put there otherwise it shows an error message.

thank you
I send you amount via PayPal

Hannelore Freundlich
when ı login the kickstartpage, page give a wrong "file not a .jpa" pls send me working quickstart pack...
We're not jerks, ı select jpa but akeeba say this file not jpa
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
i install Akeeba eXtract Wizard and open .jpa after send files to ftp and install my site succesfuly...
ı have another first how can ı change page titles at the ex.: menu:pages,about us, top titles Who We Are... but just do not ask for this page All pages had the same problem and could solve
ok.. in how can ı remove "layout type" in the right
ı want to change background colour from below the slideshow article...ı change templates settings colour but not change can ı change it?
ok ı send it
contact form not send mail from tm hexite template...ı look joomla forums, try it but not did it...
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LT Society
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