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no view text in chrome

I installed the template and but it is not working properly. Look how it is in reality. Below is the link:

PHP I can set only from 4.5 to 6.5, i have tried them all, but it did not help.

I am waiting for your help

Best regards

Igor Werner
Now it works! ))


Please tell me how I can change the background. I want to have a graphic arts background.

Best Regards
I have the background color to # 252425, the color can I easily change. But I want to insert a graphic as body.jpg
I can not find where I can paste it into custom.css!

I have tried the following:

body {
   background-attachment: fixed;
   background-image: url ("../ images / body.jpg");
   background-position: 50% 50%;
   cursor: url ("../ images / arrow.cur"), default! important;

Best Regards
my problem
I didn't manage to connect to administrator
admin + password
no results
no alert: wrong password / password error
this is the first time I meet this problem

best regards




mon problème

je n'arrive pas à me connecter sur administrator

admin + mot de passe
aucun résultat
aucune alerte : mot de passe faux /erreur mot de passe
le neant

c'est la premiere fois que je rencontre ce problème

During fast installation, the form does not allow me to insert another personal identifier. I tried

I can insert a personal password
I do not have the ability to change ADMIN

I will start the installation to be sure


Then I will look: via phpmyadmin

thank you very much

best regards
I re-installed 3 times
impossible to add a SUPER ADMIN

admin and password: no effect

database: MySQL or MySQLi: same result


eMail to explain the change via: via phpmyadmin

Sincerely Sourya38


j'ai refait l'installation 3 fois
impossible : ajouter un SUPER ADMIN

admin et mot de passe : pas d'effet - pas de message erreur

base de donnée : MySQL ou MysQLi : même résultat


eMail pour m'expliquer le changement via : via phpmyadmin

Cordialement Sourya38

I am disappointed to waste time on such a simple trick that should be the connection on ADMINISTRATOR

I buy a template 49 Dollars a template - I think it should work, install properly.

install a template with: Akeeba backup does not amuse me
Akeeba Backup is used to backup

I install a template - I do not backup


INFO : I had problems with operation on the component with Akeeba backup on Mac/Apple Yosemite (preferences / settings) - everything works on PC / Windows

Kind Regards
I'll do a test with Akeeba Backup

I try to install the template with: Akeeba Backup

I will try to install the template with a PC / W

Sincerely Sourya 38
done on a PC or MAC - it's the same!

Whenever I do a test, I have to start all over again

reset folder: "installation" does not allow me to recover the template properly installed

I cancel any FTP
I reinstall all by ftp

I will reinstall - Then ... we see what we can do: username and password via phpmyadmin

I stop there - I get tired - and I get angry - I'm losing time

best regards
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