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I have difficulties getting started with the template. I have installed the pro version with content. I have read the documentation but I do not understand where I can switch off certain elements of the template.
Is this done in modules or do I have to do it in quix or where else?Why is there no detailed documentation of the features of the template ?
Thank you for helping me getting started.
I would like to use the K2 blog instead of the normal blog.
What do I have to do to get the K2 blog on the first page instead of the standard Joomla Blog. In Quix I dont seem to be able to select the K2 in the Blog section.
Unfortunately this is not clear to me.
I have activated in the Integration menu on the quix elements manager the K2 integration that was unselected.
But in the elements menu there is no K2 element or I do not recognize it.
When I am in the edit mode on the main page and I select add element and I select joomla module then there is also no K2 option in the selectable options.
I restored the webpage with content as per your instructions that came with the template.
So please tell me what to do. My quix version is 2.5.1 one that came with the template. I am not sure if I am supposed to upgrade to a current version.

What do you mean by "Quix load module" ?
There is K2 content availible because you delivered it.
Currently this content is only availible via the Top Menu.
My problem is that I see no items in the various quix options that seem to have anything to do with K2. I will create a video to show you where my problem is. Maybe than it will be clearer. I have already refreshed the cache.
That does not change anything. I dont know what to expect. In the Quix documentation there is no mentioning of K2 only in the marketing statement. Under Joomla modules all other modules can be chosen but not K2. Am I looking in the wrong place ?
Here is a short video showing the issue I have:
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